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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pigments Galore!!


So ever since I got interested in MAC cosmetics, I discovered pigments! I've always wanted to try them, but was kinda scared since I didn't know how to use them or apply them. Also, that whole jar was kinda intimidated because it was just soo much. But ever since I bought my first jar, I never turned back. I am still collecting and trying to find discontinued and rare ones.
Pigments are highly pigmented and are loose powder. MAC has a variety of color and uses. Some are Matte, some are more shimmery, and others are glittery. I personally love the shimmery ones. Most of these pigments can be used on eyes, lips, face, and body. I love to use them as eyeshadows and highlighters on my cheeks. Pigments takes some practice to apply and not make a mess of it. But overall, I love them!!
I have over 30 colors in a short span of 4 months. I want more and more!! They can be a little messy and harder to apply, but they just look so lovely in their jars. I am still collecting and giving them out!....I've been selling some samples for other lovely ladies, and if any one is interested, please don't hesitate to let me know!!.

here are my colors: Jardin Aires, Revved UP, Melon, Tan, Chocolate Brown, Pink Opal, Gold Dusk, Dark Soul, Sunpepper, Copper Sparkle, Goldner's Green, Golden Olive, Aire-de-blu, Entremauve, Apricot Pink, Shimmertime, Copperclast, Night Light, Frost, Pastorle, Blue, Smoke Signals, Subtle, Goldenaire

Here are some pictures too! (these are just some!)

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I'm not ashamed to say that I am blushing NARS!! today!!....
I ordered two Nars blushes from a buddy on one of the boards that I participate in. It was at an awesome price and I absolutely love them. Too! bad she didn't have NARS Orgasm. (p.s. that's what I want for CHRISTMAS!:) Anyways, the two colors that I got were Amour and Taos. I wasn't so sure about Taos because it was looking a little reddish in the picture, and wasn't sure if that would compliment me, but I gave it a go. I received this past weekend!!

Here are my ratings:

Price:5 (for what I got it for)
Packaging: 4

I've tried many blushes throughout my makeup life, from drugstore to highend...and this beats many of them. I love Amour, and how it gives me a natural glow! Amour is a peachy-pink color, which is great for my color skin. Taos on the other hand, is a reddish glow!! which does kinda work out on my skin. It gives me more blush color and more like a "I got pinched kinda glow!", very nice though, as long as I don't put too much! I want to buy some more...but gotta wait for
christmas, I guess!! pics coming soon! each retails for: $25.00

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jane, oh, Jane!!!

JANE Cosmetics!! HAUL!!!

I've never tried their makeup before and never had the urge to go and get some, but the other day, I guess I was in the mood to try something new. Once in awhile, I'll hear something good about Jane...but not much. So on that particular day, I went to my local walgreens because they had a Rimmel buy one get one free week, to my surprise Jane had one too. So instead of buying Rimmel, I came out with Jane. Do you want to know what my tab was? It was just $3 for the two eyeshadows...whoo yeah!! score for me!!...The colors I got were Hi Ho Silver and a duo in Browny Points/Hazelnut. I absolutely love how pigmented they are. The silver pot comes one very clean and vibrant. I'm in love with the brown points, because it's soo pigmented and brown. Hazelnut is very frost like and pretty. Overall, I liked what I bought and maybe I'll take another trip down the Walgreens aisle again!!

Here are some swatches: (hazelnut doesn't really show, it's frost)

EnKore Makeup!!!

Who has seen his tutorials on Youtube!!! EnKore is the MAN!!!

I am currently in the process of going threw his videos and learning...too!!
From time to time, I'll post up videos..that may help everyone out!!

The other day, just as I was thinking to myself about wanting to see all of Enkore's makeup collection(somehow I love to see everyone's collection), he posted two videos up of his collection.
I watched the whole thing!! lol......It was amazing...!! I WANT everything that he has...omy...
How much money would that come too?....Too much for my brain to handle...
His MAC collection was the BEST I've seen....
Here is one of the videos from his youtube:

I took pictures of my small collection yesterday!!, I'm gonna try to post up some of the!!......can't wait.!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Today, I headed to a local CCO (well more like 30mins away) see if I could snag a deal with MAC cosmetics.... and believe it or not, I DID!!!

What's a CCO? It stands for Cosmetics Company Outlet
I went to a local Premium Outlet to find it. CCO's are found almost everywhere in an outlet mall shopping center.

CCOs have discount (say like 30%) off High End Cosmetics.
Examples are MAC !!!, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Orgins, Bobbi Brown, and Prescriptives. Basically the Estee Lauder company.
Discontinued and overstocked are often found in those stores.

Like today!! I bought a whole bunch of MAC pigments, Barbie collection eyeshadows, and C shock that's a steal for me who missed out on those collection from MAC.

If you haven't been to one.!! check them out!!, hopefully you'll find something you'll like for less the price...!!!

Luxious Chocolate Croc Print Train Case

Sephora has a new traincase out this holiday season. It's called the Luxury Chocolate Croc Print Train Case. Its soo beautiful. Perfect to fit my mass collection of makeup!! I have a similar one that I bought off of ebay half the price, except that it is black and it does not have the chocolate croc print....maybe one day!!

"A chic, luxurious makeup case that you want to show off?"

Heck Yeah!! I want to show it off!!
But do I have the money to get?
Ummm!!...Sephora Please help ME!!
We'll I'll help you...Sephora has a Friends
and Family discount- 20% off ...just enter
code FF2007....
this retails for $110....

My Daily Picks!!!


oooh!! When I saw this in the Sephora catalog..I was sure that I wanted it... Maybe I'll run to Sephora..this weekend and get it. Make Up For Ever has these 5 eyeliner pencils all in 1. These are awesome and unique colors that are supposed to highlight the eyes and also be waterproof. I want to try the blue and copper ones...they just look gorgeous.

Colors are: Matte Black, Silver, Purple, Blue with reflects glitter, Copper
retail: a whopping $35

Monday, November 5, 2007

NXY HAUL part 2 @


SO I finally updating my NYX haul from a couple of weeks ago!!
These are the eyeshadows that I bought....all 9 for just $25, that's soo AWESOME!!
The colors I bought were:

Platinum Pink
Deep Purple
Rust (love)
Green Tea (love)

Overall I'm impressed with NYX cosmetics. Cherryculture had such good customer service and their shipping was super fast. The eyeshadows remind me of MAC shadows because of the little cases that they come in...I would say that these are very pigmented and very vibrant. I can't wait to order more!!!

here's a few swatches!!


Thursday, November 1, 2007 "Free shipping" is have a 4 day Free shipping beginning Nov. 1 to the 4th.

Go and check out the website!!
They have brands such as NYX, AMUSE, L.A. Girl, Sugar, and TINte.

I've ordered from them before and they had such good customer service...loved the products!!

MAC event at my counter!!

SHOULD I GO!! I don't know!!

My Mac counter at a local Dillard's, is finally having there Holiday Event this weekend. I'm debating if I should go. I had a chance to look at the brush set and the palettes last week, but I'm not impressed!! When I first saw pictures of the clutches the brush sets came in, I was excited and was going to get one, but when I saw it in person, I was disappointed. They weren't up to my expectations, and plus I had already had a brush set from last year's holiday, so I decided not to get it. I told myself that I was going to wait till the 15th of November for the pigment sets and lipglass sets come out. I am super excited!! Aren't you!! Here's some pictures of what I want, courtesy of

Sephora "Fairytale Gifts" Holiday Catalog

Sephora "Fairytale Gifts" Holiday Catalog is up on The girl up on the site is so gorgeous, and I love that green eyeshadow. If you stop by, don't forget to check out what's available this holiday. Items include wonderful value sets from all the brands, different gifts, brush sets, and stocking stuffers. (oooh, how I love stocking stuffers!!)
They also have 5 personality categories for those of you who like certain things specifically chosen for you!!...

They are:

The Glamour Girl
-Diorshow Black out Mascara- $23

The Natural Girl
-Cargo Plantlove Botanical Lipsticks- $20

The Trendsetter
-Smashbox Platinum Surge Set- $59

The Spa Girl
-Philosophy Home for the Holidays- $30

The Luxe Girl
-Nars Travel Brush Set- $170

Right now Sephora is having sales on Free shipping over $50. Enter FIFTY at checkout!!
Have fun girls!! I can't wait for my Sephora catalog to come in the mail!!