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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jane, oh, Jane!!!

JANE Cosmetics!! HAUL!!!

I've never tried their makeup before and never had the urge to go and get some, but the other day, I guess I was in the mood to try something new. Once in awhile, I'll hear something good about Jane...but not much. So on that particular day, I went to my local walgreens because they had a Rimmel buy one get one free week, to my surprise Jane had one too. So instead of buying Rimmel, I came out with Jane. Do you want to know what my tab was? It was just $3 for the two eyeshadows...whoo yeah!! score for me!!...The colors I got were Hi Ho Silver and a duo in Browny Points/Hazelnut. I absolutely love how pigmented they are. The silver pot comes one very clean and vibrant. I'm in love with the brown points, because it's soo pigmented and brown. Hazelnut is very frost like and pretty. Overall, I liked what I bought and maybe I'll take another trip down the Walgreens aisle again!!

Here are some swatches: (hazelnut doesn't really show, it's frost)

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