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Thursday, November 8, 2007

EnKore Makeup!!!

Who has seen his tutorials on Youtube!!! EnKore is the MAN!!!

I am currently in the process of going threw his videos and learning...too!!
From time to time, I'll post up videos..that may help everyone out!!

The other day, just as I was thinking to myself about wanting to see all of Enkore's makeup collection(somehow I love to see everyone's collection), he posted two videos up of his collection.
I watched the whole thing!! lol......It was amazing...!! I WANT everything that he has...omy...
How much money would that come too?....Too much for my brain to handle...
His MAC collection was the BEST I've seen....
Here is one of the videos from his youtube:

I took pictures of my small collection yesterday!!, I'm gonna try to post up some of the!!......can't wait.!!!

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