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Friday, October 5, 2007


Over the years, I've had my share of outbreaks and good skin....I have pretty good skin...not too oily, not too dry, but I do have what they call COMBINATION SKIN...and a sucky T-Zone....I've tried everything....All the brands from the low end and high end....sometimes they work, but sometimes they don't, so I guess this summer I quit...Water and Soap...haha!! but!!!!

So, for the past few weeks, I told myself that I need to clear up my face a little more!! So...I took a stroll past all the cosmetics at my local Walmart, and stopped in front of the Facials, Cleansers, and Scrubs....I looked at what I really needed, brands from St. Ives, Clearisil, Olay, Dove, they had I did any mini moe and caught Clean and Clear cleanser! for me to take home and try......

This what is says on the website:

See fewer blackheads in just two days! This specially formulated cleanser contains Multi-Action beads to gently exfoliate your skin´s surface. The maximum strength acne fighting medicine in Blackhead Clearing Scrub helps clear blackheads and helps prevent new ones from forming.

So from looking at the item, it also says that I will get fewer Blackheads in 2!!
We'll see....I'll update.....oh yeah! I really want this!!

It's from Dove. It's the SkinVitalizer!! I want to try it out!! For anyone who wants to try it!, Dove has a $3.50 off coupon!! I think I'm gonna get it!!

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