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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm just starting to keep up with the newest MAC collections...Seems like a new collection comes up so quickly....MAC makes me broke!! but I can't say NO!!...MAC's newest collection!!
Introducing MATTE2

"Our new Eye Shadow. Silky-smooth, non-creasing. The sum of its parts: Matte x Matte = Matte². Factor in five shades of Liquidlast Liner, and the result of this rich colour x high opacity equation isn't only matte squared - it's beautiful."

This collection consists of eyeshadows and liquidlasts liners..
list courtesy of
  • Blanc type - Creamy beige
  • Tete-a-tint - Caramel brown
  • Brown script - Warm chestnut brown
  • Handwritten - Rich chocolate brown
  • Poison pen - Deep midtone purple with grey
  • Prussian - Deep sea blue
  • Copperplate - Muted midtone grey
  • Graphology - Dark black grey with a hint of purple
  • Signed, sealed - Black maroon
  • Typographic - Asphalt black
  • Post haste - Bright berry pink
  • Pen n pink - Pastel pale pink
  • Newly minted - Rich sea green
  • Flourishing - Rich moss green
  • Fig 1 - Eggplant purple
  • Clarity - Rich aqua
Liquidlast liners: Inky, Inkspill, Electrolady, Point Black, and Coco Bar!!

Go and get yours!! I'm gonna go get some eyeshadows!!!

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