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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm just starting to keep up with the newest MAC collections...Seems like a new collection comes up so quickly....MAC makes me broke!! but I can't say NO!!...MAC's newest collection!!
Introducing MATTE2

"Our new Eye Shadow. Silky-smooth, non-creasing. The sum of its parts: Matte x Matte = Matte². Factor in five shades of Liquidlast Liner, and the result of this rich colour x high opacity equation isn't only matte squared - it's beautiful."

This collection consists of eyeshadows and liquidlasts liners..
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  • Blanc type - Creamy beige
  • Tete-a-tint - Caramel brown
  • Brown script - Warm chestnut brown
  • Handwritten - Rich chocolate brown
  • Poison pen - Deep midtone purple with grey
  • Prussian - Deep sea blue
  • Copperplate - Muted midtone grey
  • Graphology - Dark black grey with a hint of purple
  • Signed, sealed - Black maroon
  • Typographic - Asphalt black
  • Post haste - Bright berry pink
  • Pen n pink - Pastel pale pink
  • Newly minted - Rich sea green
  • Flourishing - Rich moss green
  • Fig 1 - Eggplant purple
  • Clarity - Rich aqua
Liquidlast liners: Inky, Inkspill, Electrolady, Point Black, and Coco Bar!!

Go and get yours!! I'm gonna go get some eyeshadows!!!


The powerful message of VIVA GLAM VI is reinforced this fall as two of its extraordinary spokespeople, Dita von Teese and Eve, appear in new ads and in-store visuals supporting the VIVA GLAM cause.

It includes a lipstick and a lipglass!! GO and pink one up!! It's for a great cause!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


ULTA Fall Beauty Event!!

They have a sale going on from Sept. 9 through the 29th......
Instore and Online savings!!!

I love this store...they have high end and drugstore brands!!
They even have a salon in the store...
Check now for savings...before the sales are over...

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I've been on a makeup craze for about a year now!!!
whether it's high end or low end..i'm in it!!

I love MAC!!! is all I can really say!!,,even though my collection is still very small..!!

I am Asian, so I am trying my best to feature different articles, tips, ideas for asian ladies...but don't feel left out...i'm blogging for everyone out there who starting just like me!!

I'm still going to school, so i'm gonna try my best to keep up blogging....COME BACK FOR MORE!!

Starting all OVER!!

Recap of the SUMMER!!!........(as this is my first post)

July 2007, My husband and I left home to go to my brothers wedding in Minnesota....Me, one of the bridesmaid, figured!! i should bring my makeup and hair products, etc...maybe I might get a chance to practice applying makeup and styling hair......(of course the wedding went well, and we all looked beautifull)...on to the worse part....

After all was done, we came home....our flight got cancelled on our only stop, was told our luggage was going to arrive at our destination, and we'll get it the next day when we return home....OH low and behold.....of the two bags (mines and his), my luggages gets the midst of everything else......filed claim, never got it back, will probably never get it back.... :(

2 months later, I had to rebuild my makeup, hair collection....I had purchased a few makeup items up north, lost it too...I had about over $300 worth of makeup... i figured, i was going to be alright with the luggage under the plane...guess not...

So in spite of this happening...i've gotten more than i had before, and will continue to get more...this is why I starting out again as the BeautiBaby!!!